Corporate Relaxation Station

We will come onsite to your office and provide a soothing chair massage to melt away the stresses of the day for your entire workforce. Treat your team to a break from the grind and, increase retention, creativity and productivity.

Sports Massage

An athlete's body is their only tool for success. Massage is essential to maintaining that tool.  Reduce swelling, minimize fatigue, tension, and increase range of motion. A successful athlete will benefit physically and psychologically from a sports massage regimen.

Bridal Parties

Planning a wedding is a stressful endeavor. Get away with your girls and book a professional and attentive masseuse for your bridal party. Grab a group rate and book chair or table sessions for your bffs today!

Since 1993

My Pro Massage

We are licensed professional massage therapists schooled with expertise in multiple concentrations from deep-tissue, to Swedish, to Russian Sports Massage.

My Pro Massage comes to your location to provide top notch services.  All our therapists are vetted with the highest standards. Book a consultation or just shoot us a message and we would be glad to have a call with you!



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